I Want To Be Like The Sunrise

Sunrise Facebook copy


I will begin each new day as a blank canvas awaiting my first brush stroke.

My wife Marylou and I moved to the Southern California desert in March of 2011. One of the most spectacular things about living in the desert is the sunrise. I’m up most mornings while it is still dark, grab my notebook, and walk outside to greet the sunrise.

I began to notice during my early morning walks here in the desert as the sun would begin to peek over the eastern mountains of the Coachella Valley, that each new sunrise was uniquely different. The same sun arose from the east, but the sunrise never used the same brush strokes to paint on the blue canvas of the early morning sky.There were mornings when the sky was filled with white fluffy clouds and the sunrise would apply brush strokes of red, pink and orange. Some mornings the sky was completely empty and blue, except for the white moon that had forgotten to hide from the coming daylight. At times there would be an airplane crossing above to unknown destinations painting white streaks and patterns across the sky. To the west, the Santa Rosa Mountains would sit waiting to be painted with a splash of color in beautiful pinks and oranges with shadows of purple.

I want to be like the sunrise, and paint with fresh new brush stokes each day.


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