The Gift of A Cactus

CactusRecently my son Matthew shared a fresh cutting taken from a Peruvian cactus. It had the appearance of a lifeless, prickly green log and we both wondered if it would take root in the beautiful, blue pot we planted it in. There was no root system, no visible means of support and yet we were hopeful and expectant. In reality, this cactus was about to teach me a very important life lesson.

I was raised on a ranch and am a gardener at heart…and I’m used to planting, watering and watching things grow.  I made the decision to love and nourish this odd, log-like thing by feeding it cactus food and placing it in direct sunlight.  I never gave up hope.

One morning last week, what appeared to be a single tiny flower bud burst from the cactus cutting. Each morning after, I was amazed to see the growth that had taken place the night before. The bud grew a stem that became longer and larger, an anomaly on an otherwise barren shape. It came to life through some invisible force of nature and I was amazed.

When I woke up this morning, I saw the true gift and lesson the cactus was teaching. What appeared to be a closed bud, bloomed into a beautiful flower overnight, while I was asleep.

Here is the lesson I learned from the cactus. What may appear to be lifeless and of no value, will blossom if it is loved and nourished . . . be it a person, relationship, business, or a cactus. There is unseen potential in everything and sometimes when we are not watching, it blooms. Don’t ever give up hope.


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