Begin Each New Day

Mountain Bird

Follow the simple path that is bathed in love. You will know it by its softness. The music played may be complex, but it will sound simple to your ears. The world around you may be swirling in chaos, but your eyes will see the beauty within the chaos.

This is the point from which you must begin each new day. This is the point from which all your creativity flows.

Did you notice that no words were spoken about creating a to-do list? It is not about doing anything. It is about being everything.


2 thoughts on “Begin Each New Day

  1. I woke this morning hearing Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera. I lay in bed thinking about the message of the song, which transitioned to thinking about working with Doris. They were very pleasant and fun thoughts.

    My life is also in transition. I’m still very ambitious and full of moxie, but the change was within me. I am now being as kind to me as I was to others. Yes, there are things to get done, but if lists carry over from one day to the next–so what? Eventually everything will get done.


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