Observing Life . . .

Mountain Bird

Observe the life playing out before you. What can you learn that you can apply to your own life? Make this your project today. Remember, however, you are not looking for answers. You are looking for things to learn.


One thought on “Observing Life . . .

  1. Jacqueline Cathcart

    Forgive me Alan — — At this advanced age of 86 —- you know what — Today, Oct 24 — I am tired of learning life’s lessons — even though I know this is wise and you are giving sound advice — Today I do not want to learn from my mistakes or my successes, nor today do I want a project — I want to be free of concern about those I love who are not well and of my own aging and just free. But I do not want to be in the grave either so I am forced I guess to think I am learning something — even if that something is that I am just tired , for a time, of learning.


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