Break The Patterns of Seriousness . . .


It is time to break the patterns of seriousness that are generated by fear.

Telling stories of past fear is simply your controlling ego saying, “see I told you so.” That is not what the Universe/God wants for you. You may begin to break the grip of fear by telling stories of love and gratitude. In doing so the cycle of fear will begin to dissolve.

You cannot do this for anyone else; you can only do it for yourself. They must do it for themselves as well. Encourage others, but do not tell them what to do or how they should be.

It truly is all about you in the most positive way.


2 thoughts on “Break The Patterns of Seriousness . . .

  1. Jacqueline Cathcart

    I might debate you on this one — it is one thing to dwell and on a fearful situation and immerse yourself in it to the exclusion of other things and another to just talk about it and put it behind you. Maybe you did not mean to bury the fear and ignore it — but that seemed to me what is implied — Sometimes a fearful story can be a lesson. Now telling stories of love and gratitude can of course be rewarding but not at the expense of denying truths. Maybe I did not get what you actually meant with this one.


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