Simplicity . . .

P-27 SimplifyThere is power in simplicity. Do not over complicate your life by over thinking. The stream always takes the simplest and the easiest path as it flows to the ocean. It flows over, under and around the rocks that pop up in its path. The rocks hardly know the stream is passing them by.

Flow like the stream and gain access to the vast ocean of possibilities. Remember, if it feels hard it is. Remember to always flow softly.

(Image from ” The Women and the Hourglass Series®” created by Marylou Falstreau


2 thoughts on “Simplicity . . .

  1. Jacqueline Cathcart

    LOL — you could drown by over thinking but you could also save yourself from drowning by over thinking. I guess it is the word “over” that you are stressing here — but if I did not do a bit of over thinking — I would not be able to reply to your posts.


  2. One of my most trusted confidants is constantly reminding me not to over-think my life. I am always over analyzing everything and stuck in my own head. I want to print out your beautiful, poetic message and tape it to my wall!


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