Push The “Off” Button . . .

BirdThere are moments when it is important to be unavailable to the world. Push the “off” button to everything electronic and sit in nature and allow the breeze, allow the birds, allow the universe to speak to you.


2 thoughts on “Push The “Off” Button . . .

  1. I have fixed my stop button! It’s amazing! When I came from fear, I excessively worked. When I didn’t, I felt really bad about myself. The negative thoughts from the past said that I was lazy and stupid–that if I didn’t do the job, it would get done and sense I wasn’t getting it done, I was obviously to lazy and stupid. It was this thought pattern that kept me always exhausted and sick. You see instead of stopping when I was tired or sick, I would drink more caffeine or just ignore the pain. That was so wrong. But I forgive myself for the self abuse and for allowing myself to be manipulated by others. I was doing the best that could with the tools that I had at the time.

    For the past five years, I’ve been working on healing me from the inside out. Many times it was challenging and he easiest path would be to just give in to the old patterns. But I have people who love me that kept me moving forward. I have been taking time off not only when I’m tired or feel ill, but when I have the opportunity to have some fun. If you can’t enjoy life, what is the point. I”ve been doing this by setting boundaries not only for myself, but those who come into my life. Last night, I can proudly say I passed a test. I have set my business hours from 11 am to 7 pm eastern time. It allows me to work work with those on both coasts. I may write at all hours of the day, but I only do business with others during those hours. Last night I received a call from a down state producer. Instead of continuing the call, I asked him to call me back during business hours. That was amazing!


  2. Good for you Theresa! Marylou I have had the same problem and are trying to stay awake enough in each moment so we will not slip into our old patterns as well. One of the themes I hear over and over again during my morning “Messages for the Guys” is “Don’t work hard, work soft. If it feels hard it is, if it feels soft it is.”

    What has been surprising to me as that by “working soft” I really accomplish a lot more, and the results are so much more valuable.

    Thanks so much for the great response Theresa!
    Hope you are having a magical day!


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