Understanding Perfect . . .

P-21 Perfect

There’s no perfect weather, perfect climate, perfect place or perfect job until you wake up to the truth that there is perfection in all things. Yes, there is perfection within all people, places and situations.

Understand this; you must take one day at a time, one step at a time, one person at a time and one situation at a time, living in the present moment. Embrace this truth and it will bring peace to all things, and set you free.


2 thoughts on “Understanding Perfect . . .

  1. Jacqueline Cathcart

    I think expecting perfection might not be a wise thing, rather it is to love the imperfect — I just had what I call the “perfect” day for my birthday but I use the term loosely and in my mind it was absolutely wonderful, but “perfect” is a word that does not always apply to the world we live in and to love that world in its imperfection is the accomplishment — but then what do I know :-):-)


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