Pay Attention To The Words You Use . . .


Pay attention to the words you use to tell yourself and others how you feel. The words you choose spark the energy that ignites those feelings. In particular any sentence that begins with “I am”, for in that moment you are feeding the “feeling” with the energy of the words that follow. Words like I am happy, sick, healthy, fat, or beautiful . . . the list goes on.

You begin to change the energy of the feelings you have in each moment by the words you choose. It is not the words that hold the energy, but it is the feelings they ignite that creates the energy and feeds the story.

Now think about this one for a while….


One thought on “Pay Attention To The Words You Use . . .

  1. Jacqueline Cathcart

    I think there is health and release in a good old fashioned GRIPE— as long as you don’t muck around in it.


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