There Are Many Paths And Journeys . . .


Do not let your ego driven mind or the minds of others define who you are. Both will fool and mislead you and sound like “common sense”.

There are many paths and journeys in life. No path is right, just as no path is wrong. The only problem comes when you are not being yourself or following your own path, but instead trying to follow someone else’s path… or their idea of what your path should be.


3 thoughts on “There Are Many Paths And Journeys . . .

  1. This is has been one of my greatest challenges. For too long, I listened to the sensible people and was miserable. They wanted me to fit into their definition of who I should be so I would fit their needs. That’s not love or friendship; it is power and control. I have chosen to follow my own path. The one that makes me happy and fills my soul. Those who are supportive are welcome to share the journey

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