Facing Challenges . . .

Mountain Bird

Do not hide from the challenges that appear on your path. The challenges, if faced openly, will not knock you out, but instead will allow you to grow and soar.


2 thoughts on “Facing Challenges . . .

  1. Lynn

    Hi Allan!

    Awe… My whisper could not be displayed. My service today said perhaps it’s the way it is formatted? No worries. That just tells you how I look forward to your messages ! ( how all of us look forward to your whispers) Your wisdom and insight is needed and you make difference in our world so incredibly much!

    Welcoming with my heart, you and your Awesome Marylou back to your home town of Grass Valley! Gosh, what a beautiful place to be! Enjoy the beauty and congrats on your new studio!

    With a smiling heart, Lynn Kenney

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