Some Days You’re Happy . . . Some Days You’re Not

SunSome days you are happy, some days you are sad, some days you are excited, and some days you are disappointed. Understand that sunrise to sunrise is not the way to measure the steps of your journey. When you do so it often just highlights the inconsistences of what could be labeled “highs and lows”.

Step away from the limitations of the 24-hour day and reflect, without any concern for the measurements of time. Instead see a more universal vision of your journey.

Know that the universal vision of your journey is to experience love and beauty. Everything else is for contrasts that will help you learn to appreciate the love and the beauty in your life.

Yes, this may at times feel hard; yes this at times may feel harsh. However, this is how you learn. Your human mind is not yet developed enough to learn lessons of importance without those bumps in the road that get your attention.


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