The Mystery of Happiness . . .

Heart ManThe mystery of happiness is to relax in each moment, not absorbing any of the chaos swirling around you. Relax in to each moment and smile with your heart, which has nothing to do with the look on your face. Take in deep breaths of air to feed your body, mind and soul. Each and every cell of your body is strengthened in this way.

Breathe in life, breathe in joy and breathe in happiness. This creates a beautiful life.  For you see, this can take place anywhere, with anyone, in any circumstance.

Love your Self enough to relax, smile with your heart, and breath.


2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Happiness . . .

  1. Sherry

    Alan, you did it again…wrote something so great that I had to forward it to many friends who needed your message today. Thank you for being a bright spot in our world! The right words at the right time…priceless.

    Sharon Esswein
    Hilliard, Ohio


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