Key To Getting Old . . .

Heart ManYou are never too old and you are never too young. Release the chatter of your ego when it focuses on your age. Like Goldilocks said… ”you are just right”.

Your body is going to get older each day, whether you are happy or not. So why not be happy and follow your heart!

In this moment, your age is the right age for you. Enjoy this moment.


3 thoughts on “Key To Getting Old . . .

  1. Jackie

    Speaking from experience at 87 — you are correct — you are the age you are — and sometimes it is the right age for you, but I think that is a bit too simple. The “right” age implies a lot — true, it is what you’ve got — so you must deal with it. A lot has to do with your health, and I would not want older folks who are struggling with pain to just think it’s just okay. I think that sometimes when life has handed you a bad hand, it is therapeutic ( as long as you do not get stuck there) to gripe a bit and not cover it with platitudes — it is good to be honest. I am not speaking for myself because I have been dealt a great hand, and I am grateful, but it is luck of the draw. I have observed that some folks can reach for happiness easier than others — sometimes it is a gift, and others have to constantly struggle to reach for it. And Yes, to enjoy the moment — is wonderful advice — but the moment may not come on demand.


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