Contrasting Experiences . . .

SunTo comprehend the calm you must first experience the hurricane. To comprehend the power of the silence you must first hear the chaos. To embody love you must first experience the vision of fear. For it is in these contrasts that emerge the teaching of the importance of calm, silent love. It is for this reason that you have been given the gifts of contrasting experiences. It is for this reason that when you enter a state of calm, silent love that you experience the power of an intuitive knowing.

This has nothing to do with becoming a monk . . . and everything to do with following your path and sharing your gifts.

Your window of opportunity is now wide open. Do not look back . . . keep your focus on the horizon. Do not waste time in worry about tomorrow . . . for as you are learning . . . tomorrow never comes. You can only function and create in this moment. You can only do it now . . . not at any other time . . . for it is universally always now!


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