Today Is A Love Yourself Day . . .


Today is a love yourself day. Remind yourself of all the wondrous traits and talents you have, and share these reminders with yourself.

Important: do not allow your runaway mind to highjack your thoughts and take you down the path of fear, worry or feeling less than. Emphasize what is right in your life rather than only trying to fix what is wrong.

Make this part of your morning ritual.


4 thoughts on “Today Is A Love Yourself Day . . .

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  2. Lynn Kenney

    Dearest Precious Alan and Marylou,

    I, among others, wait for your whispers of wisdom. Alan, your heartful messages to make a difference! Sometimes, they can save the day, changing our perspective to what’s really important here on earth and between us all.

    Marylou, your most precious, and your artwork truly makes one smile and reflect. You lighten the heart. You have an amazing gift within, and love that you pass that gift to others, inspiring us all!

    Feeling so much gratitude for you both! May love and joy surround you always!

    ~ Lynn Kenney
    ~ Central Coast, where the whales are smiling 😉

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