Living Your Truth Is The Only Path To Peace . . .

birdComparing or measuring your talent, your purpose or your accomplishments against anyone else will only generate fear and cripple the full potential of your gifts and creativity. It is your uniqueness that is your greatest gift and asset.

Live your life and share your story. It will not always be easy, it may not always make sense to you, but it is so important in these chaotic times. Living and sharing your story is where peace resides.

Every time you follow this guidance, a wave of peaceful loving energy will spread into the world, connecting one on one to the multitudes seen and unseen. This is of great importance and value in helping to dissolve the chaos. You will not see or be aware of most of the results however; please know it is happening and is so important at a universal level, and that this will lead you to a peaceful glimpse of what is ahead for you. Please do not allow your mind to fight what we have just shared with you. Living your truth is the only path to peace.


4 thoughts on “Living Your Truth Is The Only Path To Peace . . .

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  2. Susan Lewis

    Such a wonderful message! I often find your messages appear at a particularly appropriate moment in my life, and there is an element of synchronicity. Thank you Alan. I have enjoyed reading your Daily Whispers for years.
    Susan Lewis


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