Happy Birthday To A Special Friend . . .

woo-hooThe following is dedicated to my lifelong friend Wally Clark who is having a birthday today. Once again for a few months Wally will be older than me, the “senior partner” in our life long friendship. But not to worry Wally, soon I will be just as “old” as you, and hopefully as wise.

Happy Birthday my friend . . . Alan


A man’s age is something impressive,

it sums up his life; maturity reached slowly

and against many obstacles, illnesses cured,

griefs and despairs overcome, and

unconscious risks taken; maturity formed

through so many desires, hopes, regrets,

forgotten things, loves. A man’s age

represents a fine cargo of experiences and


From: “A Guide For Grown-ups” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery


One thought on “Happy Birthday To A Special Friend . . .

  1. honeypapa1220@gmail.com

    Beautiful dedication to your friend Alan, I am sure it pleased him no end. I have to tell you I was 96 in December, can you believe it has been 6 years since we were together for my 90th? I feel probably 60 but look my age, as we are supposed to I presume. Love, Jennie


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