Age Is A State Of Mind . . .

Age is a state of mind. Do not become trapped by this arbitrary number. Never stop learning, and most importantly, never stop growing. You age or situation has absolutely nothing to do with your ability or your need to continually learn and grow.

Then when your final breath comes, it will be heard as a mighty “Amen”!


2 thoughts on “Age Is A State Of Mind . . .

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  2. Jacqueline Cathcart

    Well, I wish that were so, but I am 89 and I have watched how my friends age — and much of it is luck of the draw! How one ages is dependent not only on attitude but on what you are given in the gene pool the allows you to develop that attitude. There is also the financial aspect of surviving in today’s economy, and some of us, like myself, have been more fortunate than many. Taking care of what you have received is important, but some folks are not born with happy and optimistic genes. Yes, they can work on it but are always toiling, and some are poor and are worrying about their next meal or their health issues, while many others are losing their grasp on reality though no fault of their own. Age DOES ABSOLUTELY have a lot to do with what you are able to do/ understand and how you grow — but those of us who are fortunate should certainly heed your good advice. But to simply say – it’s a state of mind is just too simple. It is much more complex.


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