They Do Not Define You . . .

“They” do not define you; so do not relinquish your power which is embedded in love, forgiveness and gratitude.

At the same time do not judge “Them” for what they cannot see or understand, as “They” at this time are either not awake or on a different path.

To the best of your ability within each moment, embrace and live the energy of love, forgiveness and gratitude. Even in those moments when “Others” may not understand why.

In particular in those times when “Others” may not understand why.



5 thoughts on “They Do Not Define You . . .

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  2. Susan Lewis

    The synchronicity of this message is unbelievable. I am having a difficult time dealing with a family member’s situation, and I felt this would define me in a negative way. But now I realize that someone else’s actions don’t define me. Thank you for your uplifting words of wisdom.


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