Just A Thought To Consider . . .

We know it is hard not to judge and take sides with all of the chaos and divisiveness swirling around you. However, we encourage you to restrain from judging as it evokes the wrong emotions, destructive emotions that help no one, and in particular the judging hurts you.

We encourage you instead to be Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude. And don’t forget to add to this Joy and Happiness.

We all live in a world that needs an infusion of love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and happiness. Consider them the “Big Five” for attaining clarity, empathy and a purposeful life.

Just a thought to consider . . .


2 thoughts on “Just A Thought To Consider . . .

  1. Jacqueline Cathcart

    WELL, ALAN –I would like to be the Saint that you strive to be, and although I do try hard not to judge others — I find the political climate at present makes it harder for me to be open minded. I do NOT want to be open-minded when it comes to blatant prejudice and hate, nor to inequities placed upon our most vulnerable citizens. I have nothing but gratitude for the blessings I have received all my life, but a purposeful life also stands up for the principles it holds dear to it. I do not find this hurtful but rather productive and leads to supporting the causes I hold dear. Your thoughts are important and as you see they do prompt responses sometimes from me — it is not that I do not agree with you in my everyday responses to people, but I think it is sometimes very important for people to take a side and this is part of purposeful life. Merry — Merry. Jackie


  2. Joseph Michael O'Connor

    Sending out love will do more to change the situation and the resident hate and anger that we observe. Hard to do, but truly the best way to change the world.


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