Look Toward The Horizon . . .

When you look out toward the horizon there is a vast panorama of possibilities before you. Continue to look to the horizon, understanding that as you are looking  you are not seeing everything that is there. In fact, more is unseen than is being perceived by your eyes. Do not judge the horizon by what you think is missing and what you do not see.

To see the unseen, you must see with your heart. As you do so much more will be revealed to your eyes. And most importantly, much more will unfold and come into your experience.

Yes, do not judge the horizon or anything else by what you may see only with your eyes.


4 thoughts on “Look Toward The Horizon . . .

  1. J L Cathcart

    LOVELY thought — We have been so smoky lately that it is hard to see the horizon ,
    but it does saddens one’s heart to know how much suffering has created this smoke.


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