Can You Stop The Rain . . .

Can you stop the rain? Will the wind cease blowing at your command? Does the sun rise and set based upon the schedule you determine?  Of course not.

You cannot control these external realities, however you can adjust your actions to allow them to work for you. You can gather the rain to grow food and feed your body.  You can use the wind to fill the sails of your boat to take you to new places.  You can count the seasons by watching the sun set and rise each new day.

So why not apply this to everything else in your life of which you have no control? Those situations, obstacles and people, who at first glance appear to be undesirable or a problem?

Look for the seed of opportunity in everything. just as you have found the seed of usefulness in the uncontrollable rain, wind and sun.  Find the seed of usefulness, the seed of greatness, the seed of love in every uncontrolled obstacle, situation and person you encounter.


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