Happy Thanksgiving . . .

Happy Thanksgiving . . .

As the name implies this is a time to be thankful. But then in reality, every day is a day for Thanksgiving. The reason this sometimes seems to be more of a challenge is due to the tendency to label and judge things as good or bad . . . but you already knew that, didn’t you?

This day softly give thanks for you, the wonderfully creative, talented, and generous you. Give thanks because we do. Take time this day to quietly celebrate the magnificence you are.

Breathe in the love that others have for you, knowing at times it is an unspoken love, but love none the less. Take in each breath with thanksgiving, for in reality this day is for you.

All is well . . . all is very well.


Please check out Marylou’s and my creations . . . and consider for Holiday Gifts!

“It’s The Stories You Tell That Color Your Life” created by Alan & Marylou Falstreau.

“The Women and the Hourglass” Series created by Marylou Falstreau


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving . . .

  1. Lynn Kenney

    Happy Thanksgiving Alan and Marylou!
    What a beautiful message, to be thankful and celebrate, even quietly to ourselves and others ( even if it’s silent). Yes, not to judge, but to be thankful. At this moment, I’m thankful of all your beautiful whispers, that make a difference in this world. You have the capacity to turn a persons day around, for the positive. I’m thankful for Marylou’s art and messages. She makes the difference too. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, May it be magical and full of love!

    ~ Lynn 🌺


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