Age Is A State Of Mind


Do not become trapped by the measurements of time as counted upon the pages of the calendar. This keeps you small and keeps you from seeing the immense gifts that are everywhere waiting for you.



2 thoughts on “Age Is A State Of Mind

  1. J L Cathcart

    OH DEAR ALAN — I hate to say this — but this is one of my most UNFAVORITE sayings. Usually — when people use it, they say “Age is just a State of Mind ” but being 90 — I know it is so much more. There is so much MORE than mind over matter that aged people face . I have watched so many people age and leave the planet and have a few friends even younger than I with so many issues. True — one should adopt new ideas and thinking but sometimes you have little control over the measurements of time for a multitude of reasons.


  2. Lynn Kenney

    πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹Alan and Mary LouπŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

    Happy Wonderful Joyful New Year!!!
    Always, Always most Always… I enjoy your special whispers. Again, you make such a difference in this world. Just your messages, can make us regain a clear perspective of how to focus ones day, and to remind us, what really is important, and why we are here.
    Thank you, as we are most grateful.

    Singing and dancing with more abandon, and focusing on the joy, not calendar days measured. Focusing on the beauty .

    With The Warmest of Aloha,
    Lynn ✨


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