Experience The Rhythm And Pattern

Each new day . . . experience the rhythm and pattern of each new day. Feel the rhythm at a deep connecting level . . . the vibrations of life around you as people pass by. There are, as you are discovering, as many rhythms as there are people . . . and it is your awareness of the beats and rhythms passing by that allow you to choose those that fit into the symphony you are now creating . . . the beautiful sounds of your symphony.

At times it is simple, as at times it is complex . . . however there is great depth and beauty in what you are creating. There is brightness, harmony and joy. And . . . one very important thing to remember . . . this creative masterpiece which we call your life . . . is an unfinished symphony . . . a work of art that continues onward to grow always. For if it was ever to be finished . . . to come to an end . . . your purpose in life would no longer have a vehicle for the expression of your passion. And without the expression of your passion . . . life would be less bright, less joyful, and less beautiful.

For you see . . . it is in the creating of your symphony that your beauty and power are found. You must always be creating.


2 thoughts on “Experience The Rhythm And Pattern

  1. Susan Lewis

    Thank you for this wonderful message. It is very serendipitous that I read this particular message on this particular day. I feel very inspired by your inner wisdom. Thank you!


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