Experience Each Moment . . .

Don’t push, allow this day to unfold. Have no concern for all of your tomorrows, as they will appear at the right time in the right way.

Experience all that surrounds you in each new moment, as that is the essence of life. It is in waiting for your expectations of tomorrow that keep you trapped and your muscles tight. Be here now and your muscles will learn to relax and experience life in all its beauty.

See and experience the beauty that is before you in the moment.


3 thoughts on “Experience Each Moment . . .

  1. cynthiaatarver@gmail.com

    Always you are so appropriate at just the right time!!! I was in a tizzy about the new horses we will be getting. My friend has the only open pen for boarding in all of Los Osos! She won’t let me pay her to hold it. I’d told her mid February to late February. Ran into snag on one horse, raining so much (good) but cannot ride with trainer friend so no way by end of February. I woke at 4 with my usual migraine… I told myself “let it go, pay her for March and what happens is not up to me right now. “ Dang if Rich didn’t get a message early morning saying she has another appropriate horse for us. Someone is downsizing and my friend/trainer is picking him up on Tuesday. We ride Thursday and Friday to test. She includes trail rides and lessons for each particular purchase… which will take time. Rich just yelled from the kitchen “How does Alan always KNOW???😂😂💙 Cindy

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