Pay Attention To The Small Miracles . . .


Pay attention to the small miracles this day . . . they are the building blocks . . . the Lego pieces if you will, that are building your own “Lego Land”. The magic is in the building . . . on seeing the infinite ways the pieces can be joined together to create the picture of your vision. You do have a vision don’t you? Of course you do . . . sometimes it is hidden in the distractions of the swirling chaos . . . see through the swirling and focus on the vision of who you desire to be and this leads to the “where’s” of your journey that you desire to be.

The foundation is built, and it is strong. This provides you with tremendous strength as you walk your path. Be sure to stay present and notice the positive energy effect you have on those people, known and unknown to you previously. The clue to this is the smile on the face of the previously unknown stranger . . . for from that moment on you see, they are strangers no more . . . everyone from the pizza guy to family members.

Important . . . its not about the stories you tell in any of these interactions . . . its about keeping your energy vibrating the true you in every situation . . . no matter who it is. This then becomes your “No New Stories” zone within which you are truly present. Present your “energetic business card” to everyone you meet. This is a little known tool of the so-called “Law of Attraction” everyone is talking about . . . and so many are struggling with.

“Bottom Line” . . . “Cut to the chase” . . . and all those similar earthly questions of doubt and fear. All is well . . . keep doing and living as you know deeply within that you should. All is well and your needs are being met now and forever more.

Signed “The Guys”


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