Experience The Warmth . . .

Experience the warmth of the sun today. Soak in its energy and observe all that its energy has helped to grow.

Listen to the sounds of nature today . . . for the sounds have much to teach of the simplicity of approaching each new day in a beautiful way. For you see . . . the “minds” of nature are not cluttered with chatter about yesterday or tomorrow or the “to do” lists of today. They see each moment as it is . . . the next step in their journey . . . the next opportunity . . . and accept it as such . . . no more . . . no less . . . it simply is.

The value for you in taking this approach becomes obvious when you begin its practice. But you already know that don’t you?

If every day was sunny and bright . . . pleasantly warm . . . you would soon become blinded to is beauty and richness. It is the stormy days that bring the contrast that allows the warm sunshine to be fully enjoyed.

If every person . . . every relationship you encounter was always joyful and exuberant and warm . . . you also would be blinded to their beauty and richness . . . if it were not for the times of contrast.


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