Kindness Is The Word For This Day . . .

Kindness is the word for this day. It is a state of mind that strengthens you.

It is an attitude that empowers you. It is a key to stabilizing the chaos that surrounds you.

Apply kindness liberally to all you say or do. Have kindness for your fellow travelers on this earthy trip around the sun.


See The World . . .


There is a reason you see the world in your own unique way. Why you ask? Because everyone has been given unique gifts to share with the world, for the betterment of the world.

Simply stated, different gifts require different life perspectives and different skills. Honor your gifts and honor the gifts of others, for you all help create the beautiful tapestry of life.

Don’t Push The River Days . . .

Refresh and Recharge. Make the next few days “Don’t Push The River” days. Allow the chaos and distractions tosettle down around you, as the chaos and distractions have nothing to do with you. And please do not worry. Stay softly walking down your path without pushing.

When in doubt stop and breathe. Breathe in a large cleansing breath. This will bring forth soft healing energy and return you to powerful softness. From this place continue your journey.

Bring Out The Love In Others

With love you bring out the love in others. With fear you bring out the fear in others. We encourage you to make this day a “No Fear Zone” day and choose love.

Remember the energy of fear cannot be seen, but it is always projected out and felt. The energy of love cannot be seen, but it too is always projected out and felt.

Release the past and step into the fullness of this moment, and you will be healed in mind, body and soul by loving energy.

The Tapestry of Life.

Sitting in Starbucks this morning I observed an amazing cross-section of humanity gathered under one roof.

Represented I saw every age and body size. The Christian pastor was sharing with his “flock”.

A young “handicapped” woman was there and several others who would be labeled part of the “gay” community.

Here in Grass Valley, in a 2500 square foot space sits the tapestry of the human experience.

What is important to know and understand is that each one deserves to be embraced with the energy of love, forgiveness and gratitude for who they are.

This Earthly Trip Around The Sun



Have kindness for your fellow travelers on this earthy trip around the sun.

Be grateful for all the things you encounter, be they labeled happy or sad, good or bad. They all can be teaching moments if you remain awake and grateful.

See each new day as an opportunity to love. Love what you do, love who you are, and love those fellow travelers you encounter.

Cherish these moments for they are the true essence of life.

Finding Calm . . .

To comprehend the calm you must first experience the hurricane.

To comprehend the power of the silence you must first hear the chaos.

To embody love you must first experience the vision of fear.

For it is through these contrasts that will emerge the teaching. And it is for this reason that you have been given the gifts of contrasting experiences.

Problems . . .

Problems . . .

The saying goes . . . “For every problem there is a solution.”  What if the situation was not labeled a problem?  Would there still be need of a solution?

Or would the situation in question simply be the normal flow of events in that particular moment . . . and by labeling it a problem you immediately bring the energy level down and the stress level up.

Fascinating concept isn’t it.