Experience The Essence of Life . . .


Experience all that surrounds you in each new moment, as that is the essence of life. It is in waiting for your expectations of tomorrow that keeps you trapped and your muscles tight. Be here now and your muscles will learn to relax and experience life in all its beauty.

See and experience the beauty that is before you in the moment.

When You Look Into The Mirror . . .

P-18 Beautiful

Be proud of who you are for you are the only “you” there is in this moment. The blemishes you see are beauty in our eyes. The imperfections you may feel are illusions of your mind created out of false judgment and measuring.


Image is part of “The Women and the Hourglass® Series” created by Marylou Falstreau,

See The Beauty . . .

Red Flower 2To see the beauty of a flower you must always acknowledge and thank the stem that supports it, the leaves that form it’s body, and the unseen roots that stabilize it and provide it’s nourishment.

So remember when you see a beautiful flower that there is much more to be thankful for than what first meet the eye. The same is true with each person you meet. See their unique beauty and know that there is much more, seen and unseen, to behold and understand.

from – “It’s The Stories You Tell That Color Your Life”.