Just A Thought To Consider . . .

We know it is hard not to judge and take sides with all of the chaos and divisiveness swirling around you. However, we encourage you to restrain from judging as it evokes the wrong emotions, destructive emotions that help no one, and in particular the judging hurts you.

We encourage you instead to be Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude. And don’t forget to add to this Joy and Happiness.

We all live in a world that needs an infusion of love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and happiness. Consider them the “Big Five” for attaining clarity, empathy and a purposeful life.

Just a thought to consider . . .

They Do Not Define You . . .

“They” do not define you; so do not relinquish your power which is embedded in love, forgiveness and gratitude.

At the same time do not judge “Them” for what they cannot see or understand, as “They” at this time are either not awake or on a different path.

To the best of your ability within each moment, embrace and live the energy of love, forgiveness and gratitude. Even in those moments when “Others” may not understand why.

In particular in those times when “Others” may not understand why.


The Role Of An Artist . . .

“We’re All In This Together” by Marylou Falstreau. http://www.MFalstreau.com


Now is not the time to attack with outrage or anger. What is of critical importance is to continue to send forth the energy of love, empowerment and forgiveness.

This is the role of an artist, to be a creative agent that pierces the darkness with love and forgiveness that brings people together, that helps people see that they are more the same than different, that the only salvation is to understand that we are all in this together and we must honor this fact.

The Importance of Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude . . .

Flying Man

Love, forgiveness and gratitude opens the flow of energy to heal all things, be they physical, mental or spiritual. Yes, all things, it is that basic.

The challenge becomes when the mind is programed to embrace such things as fear, worry and the desire to control. These three things are the major energy blocks to all healing . . . be it within you or the collective peoples of the world.

Within each day it is all about the energy. Does it flow and attract peace, joy and harmony, or does it flow and attract fear, worry and death. By death we refer to all three types of death: physical, mental and spiritual.

Of course there are many subtle sub-categories, but they all connect back to the major three. For health… the major three are peace, joy and harmony. For death… the major three are fear, worry and the desire to control.

But the most important and powerful thing to know is that for healing… the major three are love, forgiveness and gratitude. In all things, in all situations, the answer always boils down to love, forgiveness and gratitude.

If Everyday Were Sunny And Bright . . .


If every day were sunny, bright and pleasantly warm you would soon become blinded to its beauty and richness. The Stormy day brings contrast and allows the warm sunshine to be fully enjoyed.

If every person and every relationship was always joyful, exuberant and warm, you would be blinded to their beauty and richness. Yes, once again, stormy people allow contrast so the warmth of others can be fully enjoyed.