Happy Thanksgiving . . .

Happy Thanksgiving . . .

As the name implies this is a time to be thankful. But then in reality, every day is a day for Thanksgiving. The reason this sometimes seems to be more of a challenge is due to the tendency to label and judge things as good or bad . . . but you already knew that, didn’t you?

This day softly give thanks for you, the wonderfully creative, talented, and generous you. Give thanks because we do. Take time this day to quietly celebrate the magnificence you are.

Breathe in the love that others have for you, knowing at times it is an unspoken love, but love none the less. Take in each breath with thanksgiving, for in reality this day is for you.

All is well . . . all is very well.


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Just A Thought To Consider . . .

We know it is hard not to judge and take sides with all of the chaos and divisiveness swirling around you. However, we encourage you to restrain from judging as it evokes the wrong emotions, destructive emotions that help no one, and in particular the judging hurts you.

We encourage you instead to be Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude. And don’t forget to add to this Joy and Happiness.

We all live in a world that needs an infusion of love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and happiness. Consider them the “Big Five” for attaining clarity, empathy and a purposeful life.

Just a thought to consider . . .

They Do Not Define You . . .

“They” do not define you; so do not relinquish your power which is embedded in love, forgiveness and gratitude.

At the same time do not judge “Them” for what they cannot see or understand, as “They” at this time are either not awake or on a different path.

To the best of your ability within each moment, embrace and live the energy of love, forgiveness and gratitude. Even in those moments when “Others” may not understand why.

In particular in those times when “Others” may not understand why.


The Key To Feeling Gratitude Is To Trust Life . . .

When you accept with gratitude the “good” as well as the “challenges” your life will blossom.

You need both for growth and prosperity.

It is easy to see the “good” within the blessings; however, there is also good to be found within the challenges. In fact, seeing the good within the “challenges” is one of the key ingredients for moving you forward into bigness.

This is why we say to trust, not fear life. When you do so you will find goodness and growth in all experiences.

You will be free.

Experience The Essence of Life . . .


Experience all that surrounds you in each new moment, as that is the essence of life. It is in waiting for your expectations of tomorrow that keeps you trapped and your muscles tight. Be here now and your muscles will learn to relax and experience life in all its beauty.

See and experience the beauty that is before you in the moment.