The Misfits . . .

It is the misfits . . . the outsiders that move the world forward. They are not spectators sitting on the sidelines. They step into the arena and battle the demons of everyday existence and open the doors to new possibilities for everyone.

They create the contrasts that bring beauty to the tapestry of everyday life. They understand that life, like nature, is ever changing . . . and they are willing to embrace the change.

The outsiders and the misfits are the true heroes . . . and their story must be told and never allowed to die. It is important to understand that everyone, yes everyone, has moments when they see themselves as an outsider . . . as a misfit.

Just A Thought To Consider . . .

We know it is hard not to judge and take sides with all of the chaos and divisiveness swirling around you. However, we encourage you to restrain from judging as it evokes the wrong emotions, destructive emotions that help no one, and in particular the judging hurts you.

We encourage you instead to be Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude. And don’t forget to add to this Joy and Happiness.

We all live in a world that needs an infusion of love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and happiness. Consider them the “Big Five” for attaining clarity, empathy and a purposeful life.

Just a thought to consider . . .

Everyone Is Searching For Happiness . . .

Everyone is searching for happiness while living in a world that is full of pain, fear and worry. Become an awakened observer. Be aware and accept the reality of the full spectrum of human emotions; however, to the best of your ability, live in balance between the extreme highs and extreme lows.

For it is within this balance that a purposeful life is lived. And when you are living a purposeful life the beauty and abundance of the world opens up and you are truly alive.

If You Are Looking For Happiness . . .

SunIf you are looking for happiness do not judge or measure. Instead experience life within each present moment.

If you are looking for happiness do not worry about the future or regret the past. Instead experience life within each present moment.

What we are say is: judging, measuring, worrying or regretting blind you to the present moment, and of course, the present moment is where happiness always resides.


Feel and Experience . . .


You can’t see the wind . . . but you know it is there . . . it exists. You can’t see it with your eyes but you feel it . . . you experience it. At times you can see its impact by the movement of the leaves in the tress . . . but still you cannot actually see the wind.

Much of life is that way . . . you must feel it . . . experience its impact . . . not observe it with only your eyes to know that it is real. Feel and experience this day. Feel the joy that cannot be seen always with your eyes. Feel and experience love this day. It cannot be seen or measured with your eyes. Feel and experience.

Happiness Is A Choice You Make Each Day . . .

Flying Man

Happiness is a choice you make each day . . . or not . . . if another emotion feels stronger. Happiness is always an option no matter where you find yourself.

Your attitude in any given moment determines the steps you are able to take. Your attitude in any given moment determines the clarity you have for making choices. Your attitude in any given moment sends forth energy to the world and all its creatures. Your attitude in any given moment does make a difference, even when you try to rationalize it away with the stories you tell.