Know It Is There . . .


You can’t see the wind but you know it is there. It exists. You can’t see it with your eyes but you feel it and experience it. At times you can see its impact by the movement of the leaves in trees, but you can’t actually see it.

Much of life is this way. You must feel it and experience its impact, not just observe it with your eyes, to know that it is real. Feel the Joy and Love today. Feel and experience all that is invisible… today.

Focus On The Joy, Not The Pain . . .


Focus on the joy, not the pain. It is there you know, oftentimes hidden. To pierce the pain and heal, look for opportunities to shine light upon the joy.

Yes we know this is hard, but it is an important step to comprehend. Drugs won’t do it alone and counseling won’t do it alone. The answer always is to send forth the energy field of love and pierce the darkness.

Yes we know this can be a challenge, however if it were easy for you and others to accomplish, you would find yourself living in a different world than you see yourself in, in this moment.