Everyone Experiences Pain . . .

mountain-birdEveryone experiences pain in his or her life. However, there is no way to compare one person’s pain to another person’s pain. You can and should have compassion for another’s pain, but you can only know and experience the pain that is within you. This then becomes the ultimate time for not judging or comparing, for how can you truly judge or compare what you do not know, understand or experience.

Focus On The Joy, Not The Pain . . .


Focus on the joy, not the pain. It is there you know, oftentimes hidden. To pierce the pain and heal, look for opportunities to shine light upon the joy.

Yes we know this is hard, but it is an important step to comprehend. Drugs won’t do it alone and counseling won’t do it alone. The answer always is to send forth the energy field of love and pierce the darkness.

Yes we know this can be a challenge, however if it were easy for you and others to accomplish, you would find yourself living in a different world than you see yourself in, in this moment.