Keep It Simple . . .

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Keep it simple . . . do not overwork or over complicate your approach. It is important for you to rise above the chaos of the world swirling around you . . . and simplicity is the key.

Also call forth a gentle touch and softly engage those you interact with this day. Be the teacher . . . not the preacher standing atop a soapbox in the city square.

Love those that may at first glance be the least likely candidates for you love . . . for everyone . . . at some level . . . needs the healing touch of love.


Life is not a waltz in ¾ time . . . it moves in a syncopated rhythm.

Simplicity . . .

P-27 SimplifyThere is power in simplicity. Do not over complicate your life by over thinking. The stream always takes the simplest and the easiest path as it flows to the ocean. It flows over, under and around the rocks that pop up in its path. The rocks hardly know the stream is passing them by.

Flow like the stream and gain access to the vast ocean of possibilities. Remember, if it feels hard it is. Remember to always flow softly.

(Image from ” The Women and the Hourglass Series®” created by Marylou Falstreau