Look For The Fun Spots . . .

Look for the fun spots . . . they are everywhere, but they are not always obvious. Sometimes they hide hoping you will look for them, sort of a cosmic game of hide and seek.

They are not like rides at Disneyland, pre-programmed to entertain. You know you have found one when you smile for no reason. They are everywhere, and they are always defined by you.


Be The Example . . . Not The Preacher

Do not dwell in the past or in projections of the future. Be the example . . . not the preacher.

Be in this moment . . . See the beauty . . . Acknowledge the beauty . . . Breathe in the beauty.

Now . . . Repeat again in this new moment.

This will allow you to see the beauty within . . . Your Work . . . Your Plan . . . and most importantly within your Life.

Wisdom Comes In Many Forms . . .

Wisdom comes in many forms . . . often wrapped in surprising packages topped with a bow of hope and love. For you see . . . wisdom is a gift that when you first receive it . . . only seems like any other experience . . . nothing special. However with further observation . . . further reflection . . . the gift of wisdom reveals itself.

Wisdom is not a person, place or thing . . . it is the culminating experiences of multiple people, places and things that shine a light of love and peace upon the human experience. It is timeless with many colors and many sounds . . . the true result of all creativity . . . of your creativity. Honor the wisdom embedded in your creativity.

Be The Change . . .

“Decided To Be A Rebel” created by Marylou Falstreau


Be the change…however do not change. The path you are on is more important than ever. Your voice speaks the truth to people who need to hear your truth. This is not a time to back down and retreat, this is the time to boldly move forward. You must, however, be centered and in the moment. Do not jump on the band wagon of negativity towards anyone.

Remember,even in this challenging time, Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude are the keys to everything.

Walk Through The Closed Door . . .

DoorIs it possible to walk through a door that is closed? The answer is yes, if you believe you can.

Think like others are unwilling to think, and the doors will open. See like others are unwilling to see, and the doors will open. Be like others are unwilling to be, and the doors will open.

It is only your story of fear that keeps you from doing so. What you say, you have no fear. Everyone has fear at some level. The secret is not to feed it.

Be Strong . . . Never Judge Anyone . . .

Happy Lady

Be strong and never judge anyone again. What you see on the surface is but an illusion. Be strong for the world. The best way to help is to be strong, loving, and aware. This enables the shift in energy that will help everyone.

Everyone walks their own path and makes choices. The best way to help others select powerful choices is to contribute your strength and talent to the greater world at large. Send out powerful energy in all you do. This is truly how you can help.