The Pathway To Peace . . .



The pathway to peace is to love the hard to love, forgive the hard to forgive, and be kind to yourself as well.


Look For The Fun Spots . . .

Look for the fun spots . . . they are everywhere, but they are not always obvious. Sometimes they hide hoping you will look for them, sort of a cosmic game of hide and seek.

They are not like rides at Disneyland, pre-programmed to entertain. You know you have found one when you smile for no reason. They are everywhere, and they are always defined by you.

Fear Is Such A Destructive Motivator . . .

Fear is such a destructive motivator . . . and unfortunately you see it being played out around you all the time.

Do not let fear destroy you. You have the choice not to play. You may have to do a few things differently than you have in the past . . . however, that is a good thing . . . a growth thing.

Release the past that does not serve you and honor this moment . . . for today is a new day!

Be The Change . . .

“Decided To Be A Rebel” created by Marylou Falstreau


Be the change…however do not change. The path you are on is more important than ever. Your voice speaks the truth to people who need to hear your truth. This is not a time to back down and retreat, this is the time to boldly move forward. You must, however, be centered and in the moment. Do not jump on the band wagon of negativity towards anyone.

Remember,even in this challenging time, Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude are the keys to everything.

Breaking Glass . . .

BreakingGlass webMen and women are different! Women tend to be more open and expressive. Men tend to hold their feelings inside and only show what they have to.

This painting expresses those differences. The woman’s appearance is softer, more transparent. The man is more opaque and appears to be more rigid. The tears represent the fragility of the relationship. But alas there is hope! The bird is a symbol of happiness, and good things to come! They will have a future together!

Story and Painting by Marylou Falstreau