Today Is About Lessons Learned . . .


Today is about what you cannot control and the lessons learned.

It is the bumps in the road that give you clarity to see what needs to be fixed, changed or removed from your path. Be grateful for the bumps in the road.

Embrace change, for change is a constantly moving energy field. You cannot fight it and win. Look to nature. Look to the weather for it is your example, your lesson in change. If you fight the ever-changing weather, stress is created. If you embrace the ever-changing weather, peace is created. Embrace change.


3 thoughts on “Today Is About Lessons Learned . . .

  1. Jacqueline Cathcart

    Age has taught me that I cannot fix almost anything. I like your take on change — it is going to happen so you might as well go along with it — so true — Jackie


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